We know that race is a social construct designed to benefit only white people and disadvantage black and brown people.

If this is well known then why do some white people feel the need to nominate themselves as the guardians of us?


It wasn’t black and brown people who plundered and left the world in the state it is in today.

So if as black and brown people we weren’t responsible for global warming why are we the ones being admonished about it.

It was not black and brown people who started wars so why are we being recruited to fight in wars we had no part in starting.

The plundering of earth resources can be squarely laid at greedy white people’s feet.

Black and brown people slaughtered and consumed what they killed. We did not kill for sport.

Black and brown people used plants to heal and to survive. We did not manufacture drugs from these plants and make money off the selling of these drugs as big pharma does.

Given that our ancestors taught us to value and respect the earth who decided it was ok for white people to lecture us. Doing this is like asking the murderer in court to be the presiding judge too.

It makes no sense until you look at the set of privileges bestowed upon white people by the racist system and you finally realize that some are delusional enough to truly believe they are superior. They have bought into the lie of white supremacy.

Why else would they go around scrutinizing our every move, our bodies, our hair, our education, in fact, the air we breathe?

Where have you encountered a white person being asked by a black person to explain in detail why they are in a certain area or shopping at a certain place?

Why is it so easy for white people to think it’s ok to tell a perfect strangers child how to wear their hair? White teachers do it with no regard for our identity then quote “school rules” never once realizing that those very same school rules were made by white people with white children in mind? So rules can’t change to accommodate people who were excluded from attending that school? So the fact that the Afro as an example is worn by some is more important than teaching and preparing the student for life?

This assumption that black and brown people are inferior is evident in the manner in which some white stranger expects you to answer a question such as, “what are you doing here?” Even though it’s a public space. And unfortunately, black and brown people’s socialization means that too often we automatically answer.

Then there is the, “I don’t mean to be rude but.”

Then don’t! It’s that simple. Mind your own business.

As children would say, “you aren’t the boss of me.”

Along with this awful, nosy behaviour comes the microaggressions and while we are victims of it, black and brown people are then meant to remain quiet or use a tone that does not offend even though we are offended.

So white people if you want to help then help in a way that doesn’t put you in “charge” of black and brown people. Help in a way that empowers not demeans.

Stop asking black and brown people what we are doing in a specific neighbourhood. Unless it’s in your house you have no right.

Stop taking photos of the homeless who could have urinated in public. Ask your ward councillor instead why there isn’t adequate ablution facilities.

Stop giving unsolicited advice. Enough with the, “Don’t you think you should?” No, we don’t. We will ask when we need advice.

Stop being the guardians of the galaxy without having been given the right from us to do so. It’s annoying, it’s demeaning, it’s aggressive.

You placed yourselves as guardians through violence and destruction, allow us space to just be without you watching or commenting or heaven forbid, calling the police.

Clean up your own spaces. Fight with those who are messing up the planet because it’s not us.