The hardness of being a man

is not being able

to wear a jacket

when it’s cold,

not for recalcitrance

but for simply being

a have not.

You do have not the right

to use words such as ‘plight.’

because real men are navigators

that find their way through shit

and disrespect the fact

that they’ve got a

gluttonous politician digging

in their buttocks.

Having holes in your socks

is not compelling and

a “hard past couple of years,”

does not crown you special

Water breaks are for dogs

that deserves a bone

not “woke” motherfuckers

that demand a hiatus

on the basis that

thirteen hundred hours

constitute a lunch break, your second-class citizenship

will be ready soon,

have a seat at the back

and try not to fraternize

with any of the important folk.

Poverty is contagious

and you, sir,

are they coming together

of a plague

and a virus

and a downright hot mess

that can use a lesson or two

on the meaning of success

For “have nots,”

I usually recommend a ligature,

you’ll be spoken of

in accusatory terms

related to weakness B U T,

for the first time

in your life

you will be taken seriously. 

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Peculiar "Ph D" Khumalo, born and bred (and buttered) in White City, Soweto, the liveliest township in Africa in 1987. Attended Boarding School at Bophelo Impilo and Matriculated in 2007. While his erudite endeavours do not venture beyond Matric, he had long been told he had a way with words, a hype he still has a hard time believing. "Of all the pleasures of life, I relishes nothing more than a conversation over coffee" ☕