Since childhood, this question has always puzzled me and still does today. The Good Book speaks about it, but it doesn’t give us the right direction or a map to it. 

Man only says it is in the skies above. So one day, I took a plane thinking I would see Heaven, but all I saw was endless clouds and nothing else.

What a disappointment I had in thinking I could see this place called Heaven. Tears began to run down my face.

I thought to myself, what a wasted journey for me. What timeless secrets does this Good Book hold?

And why must we first die to reach that eternal place? Is this place made up by a mortal man or one outrageous lie? 

I cannot say if this place does exist somewhere in this vast universe of ours. If it does, then please let me know.

Another thing does only the good people, or spiritual or highly favoured people go there? What about the sinner? Does he stand a chance

 of entering Heaven? 

If he doesn’t, then that would be unfair, don’t you think?  

Think about it.