In this life, we all want to be the hero, the one that will cure the world of its ills and misery. The dashing hero that comes out of nowhere and saves the day.

A hero that man admires, but not all of us can be that kind of hero. Some of us want to be that person where man applauds him for his unselfish ways. 

But heroes don’t come in fancy suits or dressed to the nines. Nor do they wear the famous red and blue costume like Superman. Some heroes are kind and gentle, others have beautiful souls, some are meek of heart, and so it goes on.

Some of us think that we are heroes because we give to others and expect praises from them. 

There are many heroes we don’t know of, living quiet lives away from all the celebrations and fanfare! I call them the unsung heroes.

On the other hand, some of us want to be like the Goliath of biblical days.

Carrying that mighty sword and heavy metal shield always ready for the great battle to come. 

Screaming and shouting with deep baritone voices. Bring me the so-called enemy that we can slay him and tear him from limb to limb. 

Who can compare to us? The words echo through every mountain to and tall steeple. They want to prove their ultimate power and might. But in truth, he was a fool because a young man proved that he was the greatest in the end. 

We all want to slay the mighty dragons of our earthly life, but we are far too blind to see the real us and that we have become a selfish, power-hungry generation.

We feed on the weak and the vulnerable to satisfy our needs. We take what is not ours just to prove a point. We have become a nation devoid of true forgiveness and no justice.

We point fingers at others, but we fail to see the wrong that we do. Our eyes are covered with these thick heavy scales.

Though we can see those scales blinded us.

Now we live in a river of dark, murky water, never to rise from it again. That river has become our eternal prison.

So what are we, hero or villain?