Imagine this scenario, your partner breaks up with you. It’s an ugly break up from their side and you are left to pick up the pieces. You start getting your life together and you’re happy only to discover one day that your ex hired a private detective to follow you around and compile a dossier about you and your activities.

To compound this insanity, you discover that your ex has been sending regular updates about you to your parents, work colleagues, and friends. The files are filled with information about what you are wearing, where you had your haircut, your new hairstyle or hair colour, which restaurants you frequented, and the list just goes on.

Your parents and friends are happy that your ex split from you (although they hated seeing you hurt at the time) because the files they are constantly receiving makes no sense and seems like a waste of money. Yet every week like clockwork they receive mail about you.

It doesn’t make sense though because they broke up with you so why the need to keep tabs?

I feel that racist ex-pats are the exes. They left South Africa for “greener pastures.” They hated the country and couldn’t wait to get to Perth or wherever they went so why the need to keep tabs on what’s happening here?

Instead of getting to know their new environment and basking in the glorious crime-free, black free new home.

Here’s what you can do:

Enjoy your life. We have moved on from losing you. In fact, we didn’t know you were lost. Can you sever the ties from your side now because your obsession and it is an obsession is not only annoying but bordering on the ridiculous? I can assure you we do not count the crime statistics in your area, we are busy minding our own. Nor do we rush to Facebook to show people how you are struggling in your new home.

Get into your car and get to know your new surroundings, knock on your neighbour’s door and invite them for a braai, make friends that aren’t fellow racists at your new workplace and start living.

If you feel you can’t get rid of your obsession with what we are doing here then come back but come back a changed, enlightened person. Don’t waste your entire life making these Facebook groups about how “stupid” and ridiculous black and brown people are in your former home. We don’t do that about your new home.

Your stalking and it is stalking is like you selling a house but driving by the house every day to take pictures and see what the new owners are doing?

You’ve said your goodbyes now go and live your life. This is not your country, not your government, and not your people remember?

GoodBye, Tot Siens, Hamba Kahle.