Honey, I’m home

Now the lights can go on.

Have the children been fed

Before you told them to get to bed

How was your day?

It was busy, you say

Well, things will come right

There’s no need to fight

You’re home now, safe and sound.

Don’t give another thought to those that hound

You at work, come take off your shoes and chill

I will make some coffee and you will

Hopefully, ask me how my day was too

I’m feeling decidedly blue

The new person at work isn’t nice

And tends to spread lies

About all of us as we try getting the job done

What is that you said, hun?

Oh, you’re hungry and need to eat

Did you rustle up something?

There’s nothing

In the fridge, you say to cook.

I found plenty, perhaps you should take a good look

It’s alright, I will get going on that

Could you, in the meantime, tidy up the flat?

So, I can catch the latest episode

While you throw in a load

Of washing because there’s nothing to wear

And no spare

Towels to use

What is your excuse?

To not getting anything done and waiting for me

As if you cannot see

With your eyes, how much the place needs a sweep

I’m so tired after work and shopping that I could weep

Weep, because I may as well be alone

When nothing is done by the time I say, “Honey, I’m home.”