Most peoples response to the above question would be: “Fine!”

Our response has become as automated and mechanical like waking up in the morning or brushing teeth!

We don’t have to think about brushing teeth but simply get the task done.

But “How are you?” Is important and if we asked the question, surely we can spend a few minutes of our day to wait for and listen to a response?

I don’t recall how many times I have been asked “how are you?” And I responded:”not good!” And the next response, the automated one was:”well that’s great!”

Don’t ask questions no matter how small or seemingly insignificant if you’re not ready to take time out and listen to the answer.

Our days are spent rushing around and jam packed with work and duties at home but it’s important that we stop and breathe for a moment and take 5 minutes to engage with another human.

We don’t know peoples challenges so we can’t assume that they’re fine because more often than not, they’re not really fine but will say fine to end the conversation.

Let’s do this, let’s take time out from our busy schedules to say:”how are you?” And let us listen to the answer.

We need to be mindful when we ask such an important question because it is important. When you ask:”How are you?” You’re asking:”Is your health ok?” “Is your family life ok?” “Is work ok?” “Do you need to talk?”

We need to bring back the culture of caring and to realize that those words could be interpreted by the recipient as “At least someone cares!”

Let’s make it cool and hip to greet the people we meet.