The period between the First World War and the so-called War to end all wars was a time of extraordinary progress for the white race worldwide. It was the period of the ‘Roaring Twenties,’ of women with knee length skirts and bob hairstyles with the Marcel wave, of the ‘Jazz Age,’ and ‘Art Deco,’ of The Great Gatsby, highlighted by enormous prosperity, of money still being pegged to precious metals, cities like Berlin, London, Chicago and New York being the cultural and fashion capitals of the world, of cheap petroleum and big V8 engines, of intrepid white billionaires who captured the public’s imagination, of millionaire playboys who skied, rode drove and smoked cigarettes, of rock star gangsters like Al Capone and white heavyweight fighters like Jack Dempsey, of the mass introduction of breakfast cereals and the ‘birth’ of the ‘American Dream’ because the tragedy of world war one that mostly affected Europe and Russia was a distant memory, it was gone for good…? Or so they thought.

By 1928 the portents were there, a jittery stock market because of the excesses and lax laws of international bankers and speculators, the world was introduced to its ‘First World War’ of economic collapse, which wiped out 60% of the total value of stocks, bonds and equities on Wall Street and like valiant soldiers on a deathly route march, spread like a contagion to Europe, infecting the body economics and causing mass unemployment never before seen or for that matter predicted. By the late 1940’s, the world had more or less recovered when the drums of war started rolling in the white cultural and intellectual centre of the world, Europe. So sociologically profound and psychologically traumatic was World War II, that its numbers were unprecedented in every way type and form. At the end of the war more than 150 million people were presumed dead, dying, missing or having died of starvation. The numbers are staggering and I believe understated because it was started by white people at the zenith of white supremacy, whiteness fortified the greatest thinkers of the time and neatly encapsulated by the unerring level headedness of scientific racism.

More than 3% of the world were wiped out in under 5-years because war had caught up was mechanised and arrived in the industrial age with a bang.

160 cities destroyed

3.5 million Tonnes of munitions dropped in Europe and Asia.

11 million people exterminated in the German Holocausts, 6 million of whom were Jewish.

12 million East Europeans kept in slave labour camps by the Germans.

60 million Soviets were killed, tortured to death or simply starved and a further 15 million Chinese nationals.

Two Atomic bombs dropped on an unsuspecting and already defeated Japanese nation, now infamously notarized into history as Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The mass rapes of women on an industrial scale with some estimates putting the rape of German women of all ages by the Soviets, Americans and British troops at roughly 2-million in one week alone. Ultimately, the world has never experienced that types of mass-murders, exterminations of ethnic groups, mass-rapes and gulags (forced slave labour camps) becoming a basic strategy of modern warfare, prompting a noted Polish, Jewish lawyer, Raphael Lemkin to coin the term ‘Genocide’ which entered into our lexicon for the first time because in another first, Europe experienced organisational murder.

By 1950, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation hired the services of the most prominent ethnologists, structural anthropologists, philosophers, writers, sociologists, psychologists and cultural anthropologists to pen their founding statement defining and refuting race and its so-called scientific racism partner, in a document known as ‘The Race Question’ under the guidance of such luminaries as Morris Ginsburg, Claude-Levy Strauss, Gunnar Duhlberg, Edwin G. Conklin and Julian Huxley, strangely the people that were the most affected by racism and white supremacy for generations weren’t invited……..

To be continued…