We are 20-years into the 21st century and there seems to be a palpable sense of “loss of purpose” and “direction” for mankind? ” A cursory look around any corner of the world will tell the casual observer that something is drastically wrong with our world. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the “Doomsday Clock” to two minutes before midnight, the closest it’s ever been because they have identified 3-existential threats that face mankind. 

We are confronted by three monumental challenges:

  1. The threat of a nuclear holocaust
  2. Catastrophic climate change
  3. Unprecedented social strife

Nuclear war:

The threat of nuclear war hangs over our heads like a sword of Damocles. We are one button push away from nuclear war and terminal extinction, palaeontologists refers to it as a stage 6 extinction event or terminal level event, which means we’re in exactly that same position the dinosaurs were in 66 million years ago before the sky fell, shifted the continents with the kinetic energy of 100’s of nuclear missiles exploding simultaneously, kicked up a trillion tons of dust into the atmosphere, blocking out the suns light for months and causing a nuclear winter. By that time, the earth’s temperature dropped so low even bacteria died.

Catastrophic climate change:

Applying Everitt Roger’s, Law of Diffusion of Innovation, we have to accept that we’ve reached a tipping point in mankind’s survivability. More than 1500 of the world’s leading scientists and climatologists from across the globe believe that we are between 2.5 and 10 degrees away from irreversible cataclysmic climate change. The earth receives 3.85 Yotta Joules of Solar Energy per annum. To put this in perspective, that is twice as much energy received in 1-year than all the potential energy derived from all the earth’s non-renewable natural resources, like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy combined. Stripped of its protective ozone layer and now exposed to the magnified effects of solar radiation, the suns mean radiation levels increases by an order magnitude causing massive temperature fluctuations in the earth’s exposed surface, instantly transforming most places to furnace hot Sahara conditions at noon, with the temperatures plummeting to below Arctic conditions at night. 

Surviving becomes a nightmarish existence because we’ve created our own version of Dante’s hell on earth and made it unsustainable for human existence. Melted polar ice caps will see ocean levels rapidly rise to 1500 feet, flooding all coastal cities around the globe; “Super Storms” will punish the planet with an unrelenting ferocity lasting for weeks, if not months at a time. Our socio-political system collapses, driven by fear, confusion and uncertainty the fabric of our society quickly unravels and the resultant contagion of anarchy, disorder and violence because of food shortages accelerates global deaths reminiscent of mythological plagues. 

After months of a tenuous existence, and staring our own demise in the face, we become like the earth we’ve just destroyed, broken and unpredictable. Having fatally exhausted its internal machinery, and unable to autocorrect its ancient natural balances, our earth starts its inexorable death throes to finality.

Unprecedented social strife:

At no point in mankind’s history have there ever been so many people alive, so many starving and so many deaths from starvation and social ills all at once. The incomprehensible vastness and scale of the socioeconomic inequalities across all the areas of human existence today is tangibly unfathomable because of extractive, heterotopian, patrimonial, megalomaniacal, toxic neocapitalism and its trusty torchbearer, neoliberalism, the most comprehensively institutionalized systemic platform of white supremacy and racism ever conceived.

  1. 1% of the people owns and controls more than 87% of the global wealth, resources and land available.
  2. 17 Trillion dollar companies control and own almost $60 Trillion in global assets and are run by only 199 directors
  3. Huge multinationals have indentured governments on every continent and bought the people of those countries future mineral wealth using clever legal instruments called, mineral rights   
  4. The combined wealth of the top 100 richest people puts them in a position to purchase several countries if they so wished 
  5. About 170 countries Central banks are owned and controlled by private white capital 
  6. Every year 140 billion pounds of waste food is dumped
  7. According to UNICEF, 1 billion children live in poverty and 22 000 die every day

Applying the grisly science of Necrometrics over the past 500-years and if one includes all the wars, ethnic cleansing and genocides committed, the following deaths were caused by colonialism, empires, the hegemony of white supremacy and wars:

  1. Roughly 95 million indigenous people were exterminated by white people across the Americas
  2. An estimated 15-20 million African slaves died during the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  3. As few as 250 million deaths from all the wars for economics, both world wars, the seasonal pogroms, predictable mass-murders and genocides committed against the populations of the world occurred. The victims were both white and black. 
  4. An incalculable number of labour hours stolen from black people through slavery, indentured labour and Apartheid systems like in South Africa, but that still continues today with fictitiously low slave wages, euphemistically known as minimum wages
  5. It’s been calculated that the US economy loses $300 billion annually through white privilege

Herein lays the most important question, and perhaps the only meaningful question of our times?

What are we going to do differently folks?

-John Ruskin, a leading English Reformer and social thinker once remarked, “Better the rudest work that tells a story or records a fact, than the richest without meaning”