A history lesson:

People often ask me and debate on the matter of who the racists are, or who can successfully be defined as racist, so please read below and tell me what you think?

In the 1450s, the biographer to Prince Henry, “The Navigator,” son of the Portuguese King John I and Philippa of Lancaster, widely recognised as the originator of the “Age of Discovery” (read colonialism), and inventor of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, one Gomez De Zurara, (now you know), penned a book in his honour and described the people from Africa by race for the very first time in history.

He described them, (Africans) as a distinct group, inferior, beastly, savage and uncultured, and thus, the notion of race was created! The Portuguese were the first Europeans to traffic African people for resale – this started the enormously profitable slave trade because the other European powers quickly jumped in and expanded the enterprise into a global phenomenon. You should understand this period of industrialised human trafficking and as “Globalisation I.” 

So profitable was the slave trade that it helped fund the so-called, “Industrial Revolution” according to Walter Rodney, with at least £2 out of every 20 floating in the English economy traceable to the slave trade. 

We are deliberately mis-educated that racism always existed; nope, it was invented by the Europeans and expanded upon using Christianity, Science and all other white endeavours to justify the evil trafficking of other human beings for PROFIT, nothing else.

Racism isn’t about a misunderstanding between two wandering tribes-Old grudges between nations- A sense of superiority of one tribe over the other, even though it evolved into that. 

Racism wasn’t about a fight over land and possessions and or Christian missionaries desire to spread God’s word, even though it evolved into that too.

Racism is not about biological superiority (this is scientifically erroneous, though they’ve tried) or the innate hatred of black or brown races, (this is taught across all the media known to us), but about financial hegemony, dirty lucre, moolah, dosh, loot, cash.

Racism is also not about prejudice and bigotry only, but primarily a tool or system to divide us and prop up legal, economic, social and cultural systems that explicitly benefits white people to the exclusion of black and brown people. 

It is a tool meant to convince white people to support the local and global status quo through the paltry dispensing of the social capital known as white privilege.

Racism is explicitly about justifying the brutal, inhumane treatment of other human beings (black and brown) for profit and power and not the other way around. 

So a few questions for you good people:

1. Who invented white supremacy and racism?

2. Who started colonialism and later Apartheid?

3. Who started the Transatlantic Slave Trade and who stood to gain from it?

4. Who benefits off white supremacy and racism?

5. Who is socialised into a racist system of white supremacy and is the intended recipients of the unearned social capital, also known as white privilege?

6. Who overwhelmingly benefits from the generational wealth created by old money?

7. Who are singularly the wealthiest people on the planet?

8. Who owns the most land globally?

9. Who are the owners of global institutions that control how we do business, whether locally or globally?

10. Who unfailingly defends white supremacy and racism?

Intellectual honesty forces one to arrive at only one irrevocable, inexorable conclusion comrades if we can indeed be honest.

Blackness was invented so whiteness could benefit materially! In other words, there would be no whiteness in the absence of blackness.

Loosely translated, white people would not exist if it wasn’t for black people, period…