The amazing aspect of humans is our uniqueness. I know that often it is that very uniqueness that makes black and brown people targets of unspeakable horrors started by a people who were greedy and filled with hate. The simplified version of course, but a version nonetheless that makes sense.

The hunger read greed is fed by wanting more, wanting to be first, wanting better not for altruistic reasons but for reasons motivated by an over-inflated sense of self.

I see it in little children with bullying others who have gentler personalities and I see those very same bullies become the most narcissistic adults who take on causes only if it benefits them as individuals whether financially or socially.

Basically, there are three ways this plays out. If you were given everything as a child, you expect everything as an adult and if it doesn’t go your way then destruction is the only path you follow. Then there are those who hurt people because they are hurt. Because they are angry! Because the world is an unfair place and the idea of anyone being happy sticks like sawdust in their craw. Finally, there are those who choose to heal rather than harm; those that understand what it feels like to be hurt or can empathize on a deeply spiritual level with hurt, even if they have never experienced it themselves.

I see this in movements intended to help victims but it never quite turns out that way because the victim is either publically paraded so the ego of the bully can be stroked and in the process, the bully in its hunger for recognition, tramples all over the victim in the guise of “help.” Everything that is performed is simply a way to feed the bully’s ego and often the bully seeking the attention revels in it like a pig in mud, never enquiring about the victim’s wellbeing.

Their voices are like the clanging bells of a Cathedral designed to draw attention more to the loudness of the bells than the reason the bells are rung. (This one had life easy and no is simply not in their vocabulary) They have been taught to simply take because only they matter.

The bully who has been hurt makes an informed decision as an adult to lead by hating not healing. They have been hurt as a child and felt powerless so they vowed to never feel that again and while I can empathize, I stare in silent horror at the level of hate meted upon everyone remotely resembling the “tormentor” of their childhood. Their hunger is driven by a thirst for revenge. Revenge upon all of mankind! Revenge upon the ones even close to them because they are filled with hate and anger. Hate and anger though quite simply do not heal. So their hunger becomes more with every person they find guilty and the mob mentality ensues. Their thirst for revenge though can never be quenched because it grows larger with every “victory.” They have permanent anger issues that are slightly satisfied with each little victory, until tomorrow and the next day and in ad infinitum. The emptiness inside them keeps widening until all that they are is empty.

Finally, there are those who see injustices and seek to firmly but effectively right the wrongs. They are doing such great work in communities and you hardly hear about them until something happens. They recognize that as humans we need to heal instead of harm each other and so they simply do, one victim at a time. Their energy is never expended on hunger games and who does it best because their focus is on the human aspect.

Their hunger is fueled by a desire to make the world a better place, not for themselves but for the future.

They also come from hurt or from a deeply empathetic background but they made a conscious decision to effect meaningful change. Change that can be seen and celebrated for generations to come!

Have you heard about Mama Zelphina Maposela from Nyanga in the Western Cape? Probably not, because before she tragically passed away, she was focused on healing, schooling and loving children around her who needed it.

Life for her wasn’t easy but she saw beyond her own ego and simply helped because the need was there. No announcing on social media, except for donations and to give thanks and no standing in front of the vulnerable children so her hunger for recognition could be fed.