Ever since I can recall I have been walking through this thick dense forest, in search of my salvation.

The salvation that would set me free!

Though I knew my soul was immersed in my own iniquity.

For one I knew I had no escape from my own filthy iniquity. 

I was chained in steel shackles like a convicted criminal.

Not even a priest’s absolution could help me.

I was totally lost and destined for eternal fires.

My life was a one way street with no absolute return. 

I fought so hard to free myself to no avail. 

Mother Nature cursed me with her violent and unpredictable storms. 

I felt as if bloodsucking leeches were sucking the very life blood out of me.

Massive boils started to form on my skin excreting yellow pus. 

My life was one cold nightmare.

Even my prayer life was nonexistent. 

My food was locusts and crickets.

Suddenly I saw the mighty heavens opening.

The angels were calling the faithful. 

Then I realized this is my last chance. 

To taste eternal bliss but as usual, I was late.

The state of my condition wouldn’t allow me to run. 

I saw heavens doors were almost closed. 

And I heard someone with a deep voice say, “We don’t want sinners here to defile our place of purity.”

I left with tears streaming down my face.

Never to return again!

Help me, I am a desperate man.