From a young tender age, the state trained and moulded me into this perfect fighting machine. My training was very rigorous and extremely hard. I ate, dreamt and slept thinking about it. Nothing mattered to me except being the perfect soldier. There was no time for love even though I met some fine ladies of the elite upper class.

Every day I carried heavy concrete slabs through rain and sunshine to build my body to their standards. I even climbed the steepest of mountain ranges. In my opinion, I looked like a real giant for my size and weight. Then one day they sent me out onto the vast battlefield with this armour covering my body and a heavy sword that was twice my body weight.

I stood tall like those giant redwood oak trees then I saw my so-called enemies they were advancing towards me it was man itself. I was fearless on that battlefield I had no mercy for them. I treated them with the utmost scorn. If they didn’t listen to reason, my sword spoke. I slew my enemies with one massive blow.

In time I brought back many of my trophies the heads of my so-called enemies. People began to praise me as I rode on horseback through the towns. Women fell at my mortal feet. Children wanted me to tell them stories of my bravery.

They began to immortalise me as if I was some heavenly god but like them, I was mortal. As time went by old age slowly but surely crept in and my body became weak and feeble.  I had terrible pains in my joints. Every day I sat on those dusty pavements but no one remembered me or good deeds recalled.

I am a nobody I am a has-been of this cruel society. In my mind, I recall how the sands of Mother Earth used to cover my feet before I entered into battle. The only joy that  I have is this medal but what is that to a devoted gladiator? It means absolutely nothing.

They even took away my mighty sword and I am penniless. I live on welfare! I don’t want to sound ungrateful and I guess I should be grateful for small mercies. All that I have are these deeply entrenched memories of my days as a gladiator.

Thoughts and memories that will never ever fade away.