What does a person/s mean when they say they don’t see colour? Since the dawn of creation, our world was created in various colours. 

You wake up in the morning you see Mother Nature adorned in different shades and colours. The garden of Eden was magnificently adorned with the fruit colours. That’s how man distinguishes the different forms of colours. 

It is only human to see the different shades of colour that’s how they learn. Even in school, they are taught different colours.

You even choose different colours for your clothes, car, house, paint, shoes, etc.

As for humans as long as we treat them with respect and dignity not like we own them because we don’t. 

Even the beloved ocean has various shades of colour and nightfall has that dark shades of black colour. So if we don’t see colour, please tell me what then do you see?

We all have different opinions that are what makes us so unique. A child learns by seeing those different colours.

Everywhere you look this ageless world is full of colour. This human race will always go on fighting because they see different shades of colour though it is human or material things.

Trust me the bottom line is this we all see colour no matter what! You can’t run away from that! It is how you treat others, that’s the difference!  

You can’t treat a man with scorn and not expect him or her not to retaliate. This world belongs to everyone let us not forget that.

So if someone says to you, “I don’t see colour,” he or she is lying with a straight face because deep down they do.

I have no issues with anyone as long as they live their lives and I live mine that’s fine by me. I don’t have to prove a thing nor do I have to advertise it.