Ever since I can remember, I have walked these dusty, pot-holed terrains in search of myself and who I am.

Though my parents named me and I responded to that name I still couldn’t identify who I was. Though I had an identity book that book didn’t help much in my ultimate quest to find the person me.

You could say I remained a mystery to myself with no end to my dilemma. Yes, I fought in two wars for my country, but in the end I still don’t know why I did it.

In the end, it didn’t make any sense to me, I came home still not satisfied because my enemy wasn’t a man, but myself.

Man held me in high esteem for what I did, but they were too blind to see my invisible scars that were all over my mortal frame.

Every day I walk in this dark black cloud with no reprieve insight for me. I feel like I have sentenced myself to my final damnation.

Man cannot help me or give me a way out of this cruel sentence. I might be born from the same sand of this Earth, which I cannot call home even if she ridicules me.

I am no more her firstborn Son. Though I am wearing clothes, I feel naked as I am travelling through this barren land.

I cannot even recall if I am married or still single, but what is that to me when I am in this eternal maze with no beginning or no end in sight.

My soul is drowning in this dark, murky water where I cannot see the bottom of it.

Indeed my punishment is severe.

I am like an eagle with no nest to rest my weary and spent soul. My journey continues in search of myself who knows where it will lead me. 

Maybe one day I will have that answer and true peace of mind.