I am staring out of my small security barred window as I gaze at the eternal heavens. 

All I saw are dark, eerie clouds slowly moving across the ancient skies. 

A gentle rain is falling down. 

It wasn’t even the season winter yet. 

In the forecourt, I can see this crowd of people waiting for justice to be delivered.

My soul is drowning in a pool of black murky waters for years this has been my home. 

I became so accustomed to the slamming of the steel door that it didn’t bother me at all. 

My bed was a lice-infested mattress. 

Each night the rats have the freedom of my room because I can’t get rid of them. 

I have high blood pressure as a result of seeing them and stressing about their presence. 

The cockroaches walk freely in and out and for years they have ridiculed me and they have the final say. 

Then I saw my executioner passing by me.

Not long after that, a priest passed my room with a sombre look on his face and I knew that another one would bite the dust. 

Suddenly the entire place turned silent, a silence so deafening you could almost hear the ants walking. 

Reality stared at me like a ghost of yesteryear. 

The mere thought of death sent shivers down my spine. 

Was there no justice for me?

In the silence of my ice-cold room, I said my last confession like a staunch Catholic.  

Then I saw the jaws of hell opening, welcoming me as if I was there before. 

I smoked my last cigarette as the doors opened and I walked out.

Beads of perspiration were dripping down my face and felt like drops of blood. 

My hands felt very clammy. I had no way out as my fate was sealed. Black vultures were perched on the broken fence. Watching! Waiting! Circling! 

Death came towards me riding a black horse. I felt sure my mind was playing tricks on me. 

I knew there was no reprieve this time. 

Yes, I had no way out but to accept my ultimate fate and that was death. My death will be sealed by a mortal man. 

I couldn’t run away no matter how hard I tried. 

Some of them out of sheer anger had begun to call me Judas. 

Guilt was written all over my weary face. Others were waiting for the sound of the bell to indicate that it’s over. 

But it didn’t come.

As I was sitting in that electric chair saying my last prayer something happened I don’t know what all that I heard was those mortal words,’You are free to go. What happened over there I can’t say.  

I got my freedom back and I was glad about that.

Yes, today I am free but often for me, it feels as if I am still behind those steel bars.  

Wherever I go people still judge me and continue to think that I’m guilty. Today I walk these endless roads alone with no one to call a friend. 

What happened on that day will forever be etched in my memory.