In keeping with the festivities of Halloween this October I’ll be bringing you reviews of horror films I have watched recently.

Following the immense success the first I.T brought back in 2017 with over $700 million in the box office, I.T Chapter 2 had big shoes to fill.

Although the second installment wasn’t as successful as its predecessor, the cast and crew did a wonderful job with the follow-up. 27 years after they first defeated the evil Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), the group of heroes who now all live seperate lives (or Losers as they call themselves) come together once more to rid an evil they thought was exterminated. After receiving a distressing call from an old friend about strange occurences/happenings, the Losers reunite in the old town of Derry, Maine where this nightmare began except they don’t remember what happened previously.

The casting director/s selected a group of actors who did an amazing job of bringing familiarity to their characters and their personal relationships as well as their inner workings, fears etc. It’s as if we picked up right off where the previous movie had ended (barring the fact that they’re all adults now). We witness every member of the Losers deal and come to terms with their fears with most. if not all stemming directly from their childhood when the first movie took place thus illustrating that they hadn’t really dealt with it all those years ago and hence the return of the wicked clown.

The cast and crew, from the digital effects department to the director to the actors to everyone involved in the production breathed new life into an old film from 1990 resurrecting an old foe from our childhoods who we thought couldn’t get any scarier. It was every bit nostalgic and reminiscent of the first film coupled with a few tricks and effects of the modern cinematic age.

Starring: Bill Skarsgard, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader and James McAvoy