For years I thought I walked alone on my journey of self-destruction. People didn’t want to know me they spat in my face as if I was some ferocious animal.

I knew that I had a home but I couldn’t go there. My home was these cruel and judgemental streets. My gaunt facial features tell the story of another life, a life of true hell and no return. 

I knew that this path that I had chosen would eventually kill me. It was a path of extremely hard substance abuse but I just couldn’t get out of this self-inflicted prison.

My parents even disowned me and wanted nothing to do with me. In truth, I felt I was never their firstborn son. I sold everything that I had even my soul for this substance that I craved.

I ran away from the church! Whenever I heard the bells ringing I pretended not to hear them. Eventually, I became a non-believer. 

To me, all that mattered was my daily fix. I began to live a life of crime just to support my deadly habit. Time and time again I was thrown into prison cells.  

And no one wanted to give me a second chance they thought I was hopeless and that I wouldn’t survive in this world if I gave it up.

The filthy rags on my back smelt like months old perspiration. The filth on my gaunt frame was so thick that it would take months to remove.

Yes, I saw hell opening its ugly jaws and swallowing me into this unforgiving black darkness so deep that not even a light could remove it. 

Indeed I gave up on myself because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of this terrifying Bermuda-like Triangle. I was the living dead if such a thing exists. 

Somehow in the back of my mind, I knew that I wasn’t walking alone because if I was I would have been dead by now. 

Then one day I met this elderly lady and threw caring and love I pulled myself out of that terrible life. Yes, I went through the worst form of hell trying to resurrect the former me. 

Months went by and though I am not yet there, I have to thank whoever was looking after me including that old lady. As for my faith, I am still struggling with it but I have hope that I am on the right path.  All I know is that I will never walk down that road again.