As a young child growing up, I was always in awe of this magnificent creation and it’s the timeless eternal universe. Though I might not know how it works or what makes it tick.

My mind could never grasp the kind of thinking or work that went into creating this captivating creation. What awesome supreme being thought about this and created it with not a thing out of place or there is nothing that does not belong there.

All I see is this being work but I cannot see his or her face, not his or her hands. But he or she is out there somewhere controlling this creation.

Even this vast black universe has it’s time to appear. And at the right time, it does then darkness falls like one scary shadow and it covers this vast planet I call home. Though I can’t get rid of it that darkness scares me to the very fibre of my mortal being.

That divine ocean that I love always reminds me of some beautiful lady with flawless skin. Even though I don’t trust it because I only trust it as far as I can see it. That ocean has its moods!

Then along came man, the keeper of this creation. But at the same time, the destroyer of everything of creation.

A long time ago man made an oath to take care of this creation, but that oath was broken so many times by man’s greed and power.

Today this once beautiful creation is crying to its creator for some form of intervention but nothing so far. How long must her tears keep on falling to this dry, arid ground?

Then a tear falls down my weary face because one day all of this would be forgotten never to be resurrected again. Will, there be another creation after this one?  

To my mind, only time will tell but if there isn’t one then I don’t blame him or her for that decision. So, man if you want this creation to last for future generations to come, then I guess take a real stand against those that are destroying it. I am pleading with all that is in me.