My earliest memory of sport is my Mom and grandfather sitting me down and asking me if I would like to play football and because my father played, my uncles, my cousins and all my friends played, I said yes; I was 6 at the time. However, this is not where it started for me. My passion and love for sport actually started before I was born. My grandfather captained Western Province in the Currie Cup and captained them to a Currie cup title as well. My father played SA baseball and softball, in fact I was a mascot for one of his teams just months after being born. So, as you can see, I’ve been destined to have a career in sport somehow, someway I just didn’t know where I’d end up.

For many years I thought my calling in sport would be playing cricket for South Africa and while I had a few trials and got close to representing my province I never quite reached the levels I thought I could. This was the case with rugby too I had opportunities but for some reason was never able to go onto that next level but one thing that stuck with me through out all those years was my passion for sport and my willingness to see the tactical side of the game and the analytical side of sport too. I was always watching sports shows and talk shows; anything to gain an advantage on the field or just to chat to senior players or older heads and pick their brains but what I’d found was that even at a young age I was starting to gain more knowledge than most average sports supporters. 

I would pretend to commentate on games and then pretend to be that player being interviewed. My friends noticed my passion and often said I’m missing my calling and that I should be doing something involving sport whether it be commentating or something else behind the scenes, I was always encouraged to pursue a career in that sphere of the sports world. 

As I got older, I started to realize that the dream of playing for my country would be an unobtainable one and having already studied fitness as a backup I thought I had a path into the industry but when I look at it now, I studied fitness to better myself rather than others so I chose instead to do something else. This was a particularly difficult time in my life. I had a lot going on and was in a bad space at the time. I was just 19 and I had no idea the direction my life was going in so I did nearly every job under the sun, desperately trying to find a calling while ignoring what I felt in my heart which was to do something in sport.

In this time, I continued to play sport; cricket, rugby and football were my main focuses and it was cricket where I got my first break. Getting an opportunity through a member of my cricket club to coach young cricketers. A great opportunity to shape young minds and mold future youngsters into good people. I was always told to find a steady job and climb my way up to a better position but for me that was giving up and I wasn’t ready to give up my sports dream, just was around this time when I met someone who would change my life, I just didn’t know it yet. Not willing to throw in the towel I continued to coach for give or take 4 years but as you get older expenses start to pile up and coaching wasn’t going to pay the bills so I made the tough decision to “get a job”, a decision for me that meant my career in sport was no more, nevertheless I continued watching, supporting and gaining knowledge. 

I was now living with my girlfriend and her parents at age 23 and now with a steady job and a baby on the way it seemed as if my life was finally coming together. My girlfriend Robyn always supported me in whatever I did and helped me through an extremely dark time in my life and I can never thank her enough for that. She re-ignited my passion for sport over the years and told me many times I should be doing something that I’m passionate about instead of living pay check to pay check. I agreed with her but I was very scared of failure as I had not made it as a player so what where my chances of making it off the field? In my mind it was a bridge too far so instead I did a job I had no passion in for 6 years.

The job I did had a technical background and because of this when my girlfriends’ parents where starting an online magazine my name was one of the first on the list as a potential employee. I was unsure of the roll I’d play in the business but I was ready for a new challenge. So, we planned and got everything set up, I resigned from my job to give the attention needed for this venture to succeed. This is where my journey with the Fair Digest began.

Initially as we looked for writers for our online magazine, I was approached by our COO Wade Goodwin to write about sport. I must admit a found it a daunting task as I’d never written before but I said I would try until we can find someone else, not knowing at the time that this is potentially my way into a career in sport. I began doing reviews on rugby as well as interest stories on various sports events and individuals in sport. With each article I could see myself getting better and growing in confidence. I had finally found my calling! This is what I’m supposed to do and while I’m only starting out, I’ve compared my articles to top journalists and my points are valid! While I don’t have the experience they do, my information and my opinions on the topics are for the most part spot on. I’m learning as I go here but I feel I’ve come a long way in just 6 months and the only way for me to go is up. Each article or story I write now I look at with a sense of pride. I enjoy what I do and I am passionate about what I do as well.

The Fair Digest have given me an opportunity to live my dream and this time I will take it as I don’t know if I will get another one. There are more plans in the future to extend my reach and branch out into other sports such as local PSL football as well as the NBA, NFL and MLB in America. Also, in the pipeline is a YouTube channel, well 2 channels in fact one focusing on sports news in a factual matter, scores, squads league tables and results and the other will be a South African fan channel with a focus on Rugby, Cricket and football and in due course a focus on females in sport as well. My goal is to provide South African fans with a voice, to have a finger on the pulse of SA fans and provide them a platform to vent, praise or analyze our sports teams.

Now that I have a real interest in what I am doing it has opened my mind to endless opportunities for me. My advice to anyone is to never give up, never give up on your dream and even if it changes as your life unfolds, never for one second give up on it. I gave up on mine and I was miserable. It took Robyn (my girlfriend) and her parents to remind me that I have endless potential and to remember my why. Find your “why”, hold on to it and use it to motivate yourself to succeed. I love writing about sport, I love watching sport and I love speaking about sport. For me this is not a job for me this is fun and I will never have to work another day in my life!