Victor Mpitsang has been named Convenor of Selectors for the Proteas. Mr Mpitsang has considerable experience within South African cricket having played in the system for many years and then being a part of the u19 system for some years as well. Being able to identify talent and also knowing what is in the pipeline can only serve him well in his new role.

During a time where CSA (Cricket South Africa) have been in turmoil and it seems like they might implode, they made a wise appointment that seems to tick all the right boxes. For the longest time, the fans of SA cricket have wanted cricket people in the correct positions and Victor definitely ticks that box. He also doesn’t come across as a, ‘yes man’, who will just go with the flow. As a pundit, it’s well documented that when he doesn’t agree with something, he will speak up. It may be argued that he had the platform to do so, but Victor strikes you as the type of person that will stand by his convictions no matter what. 

The 27th October deadline for CSA to get its house on order is fast approaching, and this appointment is only one step in the right direction. The board needs to take a long hard look at themselves and perhaps concede that they need to step down for the good of the game because if the government becomes involved, we all lose. The ICC (International Cricket Council) will ban South Africa if the government has to intervene and then we are really in trouble. It’s taken so long already to get to this point, and the fans have zero faith in CSA right now. However, if they manage to sort this mess out by the 27th of October, and continue to make appointments like Victor Mpitsang in crucial areas of our cricket, then that will go a long way in restoring faith. 

As fans, all we want is our players to have a fair chance to compete with the rest of the world, and while things are not well run behind the scenes, it becomes difficult for the players to perform on the field. The hope is that we can learn from these troubling times and use them as a stepping stone to something greater. The hope is that we can build towards the next World Cup in 2023 and not just be competitive but win it all. Given the current circumstances, it would seem impossible, but it has been done. Rassie Erasmus came in merely 18 months before the Rugby World Cup and managed to turn his chargers into world-beaters. If CSA can do the same remains to be seen, but we certainly have enough talent to do so we just need the right people in charge.