You wear that invisible mask like a second skin to hide your true identity from this world. But behind that mask, you are as deadly as a rattlesnake. One thing you don’t have any compassion in your icy cold heart.

You don’t know the meaning of true love your scandalous nature far surpasses your good works.  Even that is tainted by your own guile.

 Wherever you go that eerie black cloud follows you. Because you live in utter darkness. You bribe man with your so-called wealth. But in reality, you are just a thief.

Man laps up every empty promise that spews from your mouth. You promise man that you would give back what you borrowed but in reality, that never happened, you rather avoid him as if he has some kind of plague. 

Man carries you on a silver pedestal as if you got all the correct answers to the maladies of the world. 

They treat you as if you are a god, but they don’t realize that you have feet of clay.

Behind that mask is a web of deceit and dishonesty, envy and bitterness lie at your door that you can’t even close it. But a mere man is too blind to see it. 

Yet you live among the dead even they don’t want you. You try to redeem yourself by visiting their graves.

That stare alone that turns man into stone. Because you judge man by your standards. That past hangs around your neck like an anchor.

Yet you are the most ungrateful person ever. Man must admire your good works but what is that when you are drowning in a filthy swamp.

Even the sands of Mother Nature have opened its ugly jaws to welcome you. You have sleepless nights because of the guilt that you carry it haunts you like a second shadow.

Every Sunday you sit in the front row of the church listening to the divine word been preached but your way of living is utterly disgusting. 

You want man’s pity but what do you give them in return. Yes, you give them your poisonous tongue. Man asked you for a place to rest his weary bones. You chased him away as if he was some rabid dog.

Even your prayers fall on deaf ears. Indeed, to me, you are one lonely tortured soul. Indeed, your guilt has crucified you.