For as long as I can remember, man always fought over inheritance when their parents passed on. What makes them think that they are entitled to it?

They even question that they would drag their siblings to court to have a slice of that pie.

Truthfully, no child is entitled to the fortune or whatever their parents left. But because of their greed for money, they will do anything for it.

Their parents could leave it to the church, an animal shelter, a beggar on the street or anyone they felt like leaving it too!

You’ve never worked for money that belongs to your parents, so why are you acting as if it belongs to you! 

It reminds me of a story in the Bible, the Prodigal Son.

It wasn’t a law for the father to give his son his inheritance. But his father wanted to show him that it wasn’t about money but unconditional love towards your parents.  And you know how that story ended!

Don’t worry about inheritances, love your parents unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Your reward will come- it might not be money- it could be a long life of happiness or health.

Be grateful if your parents leave you ten dollars or pearls of wisdom that you can pass on to your children.

Why worry and stress about inheritance? Understand that your parents loved you more than all the gold in the world. You only have one set of parents, so treat them well and with the utmost respect. 

I understand that sometimes we do get into disagreements with them, but we must always love and respect them. 

Be kind and helpful towards them, because you never know when the wheel will turn your way. Sadly, the day they close their eyes, you will never see them again, and you will be the one crying tears of regret.