Since birth I was born with this shadow. 

A shadow I can’t see but I know you’re there. 

I am inextricably tied to this shadow of mine. 

I can’t get rid of you no matter the time.

At night when I go to bed you’re there beside me and when I wake up you just won’t let me be. 

What do you want from me? 

The weight of you increases my stress levels.

The unwanted companionship lies heavy in my heart.

My mind trying to catch you but you’re too smart

In truth we are all born with an invisible shadow. 

It’s not my friend and will never be one. 

I name you death because that’s what you are.

The shadow of finality I just can’t see.

Yes, faceless one that is alive with no soul.

You’re all around me with only one goal.

Shadow, reveal yourself or tell me a time.

So I can prepare and complete my mission on this earth

Prepare to say my goodbyes for what it’s worth.

Your unquenchable thirst for souls can never be quenched.

For centuries you claimed them and you still do. 

Where do you put all our departed bodies, where does it go?

No one has any idea but you, oh yes you know. 

Though I don’t like it and never will. 

Please tell me when it happens so I can be still.

Inside of me I mourn and wail

As I wait for the big unveil

Death causes suffering and tears

For those left behind are left only with fears.

The fear of never seeing the person again

Once you swoop down and change from an invisible shadow to a visible one.

Everyone knows instinctively that their life is done.

I can’t enjoy life with you beside me.

My constant companion that never lets me be

Is your work rewarding for you?

Do you enjoy your mere presence making me blue?

If death was a sentence then everyone is guilty.

There is no lighter sentence or parole.

Its life or death and death is the role you play

I have a phobia about coffins and burying the dead

And I believe it’s your constant shadow that made me ill.

Go away and get some rest and let me live my life as I know best.