It is very difficult to counter the global mass-media narrative of Iran and the Iranian peoples because of their virtually hegemonic control and manipulation of most if not all of the sources of information dissemination and state-sponsored propaganda. So herewith an adaptation of some of the facts presented in the book, “The Plot to Attack Iran,” by author and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik and other sources.

  1. The American and British governments only recently admitted to their role in the overthrowing of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1953, the hugely popular, Mohammed Mossadegh and then installing the Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the so-called Shah of Iran, a brutal dictator that served Western oil and business interests.
  2. The brains behind the first modern-day coup, which would later be used to overthrow many governments in Africa and South America was Kermit “Kim” Roosevelt Jr, grandson of Theodore Roosevelt and a senior CIA operative.
  3. It was the CIA under Roosevelt Jr and the Israeli Mossad who created and trained the dreaded Iranian secret police, the Savak from 1957, and who subsequently reigned untold terror on the Iranian people. Ironically, both the CIA and the Israeli Mossad learnt their methods from the German Nazis. Savak was later dissolved by Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar at the start of the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
  4. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a “Fatwa” order that the Jewish people be protected. As a matter of fact, it was the much-maligned Mullahs that put a human rights-oriented constitution in place, contrary to popular belief
  5. Iran has the 2nd highest population of Jews next to Israel that is both protected by the government, was given a choice to relocate to Israel, but refused and is allowed to build their synagogues. There’s a Jewish run hospital in Teheran that receives millions from the Iranian state 
  6. Iran has a large Christian and Zoroastrian population that isn’t persecuted at all
  7. Iran is the largest state-sponsored condom manufacturer in South Western Asia, with a variety of choices and colours available.
  8. Has a better social security program (social safety net) than most countries in the world, especially America, with almost zero homeless and non-existent poverty, consistent with their Islamic values
  9. One of the largest providers of medical facilities for gender reassignment surgery in South Western Asia.
  10. The education of women is highly valued, and women are represented in all aspects of society and have more freedom than in other Islamic countries, imagine South Africa
  11. The Iranian people can distinguish between the American government and the American people and consequently love the American people and American culture
  12. Though it is technically illegal, Iran has the second-highest alcohol consumption figure in South Western Asia.
  13. Is the most prominent enemy of Isis and only backs Hezbollah and Hamas, two democratically elected movements in Western Asia
  14. Is one of only a few country’s to overthrow an American installed dictatorship, the Shah in 1979
  15. At the time of his arrest, democratically elected President Mohammed Mossadegh had a 95% approval rating with the population of Iran.
  16. Iran has had a strong leftist or liberal community in the form of The Tudeh Party of Iran, a progressive, left leaning communist party formed in 1941 with Soleiman Mohsen Eskandari as its head. The Tudeh Party still exists today, albeit in much weaker form.

Hopefully, this goes some way to providing a human face to the Iranians, an almost 3000-year old civilization with roughly the same borders and a people whom we can learn much from because of the rich, voluminous history.