That question has puzzled me for aeons it sent my brain in all kinds of directions. Death cannot be my ultimate master. At the same time, I didn’t believe in the afterlife. To me, you only die once no mortal man can die twice.

So many thoughts began to race through my mind. Is death really and truly the ultimate road that man travel? What about my beloved virgin ocean that I am going to miss. And all that this life can offer me. 

Then one day death came knocking at my door like a silent dark mysterious wind it came for me. Then man began to mourn this magnificent temple and praised me for what I stood for. A tear began to fall down my cheek. Suddenly I saw myself walking this endless road.

The thick white mist began to surround me I couldn’t see in front of me. Then that mist slowly but surely began to disappear. I didn’t even know where I was this place seemed very foreign to me. People that I never knew began to greet me and that seemed very strange to me. 

I was surrounded by tall trees swaying in the unforeseen winds. And jovial people dressed in white garments passed by me and shook my hand. And I asked myself. Why are those people so in high spirits? What was the main reason for their celebration are they not dead already.

If I am dead why am  I still walking on my left I saw my beloved crystal ocean. A smile began to crease my face, There was no more darkness only daylight. Over there man did not sleep. Where was I? That was the ultimate question. Did I have a foretaste of what was going to happen to me?  I cannot say for sure. Or was this just one unexplained dream.

When I woke up my body felt so strange as if it didn’t belong to me. Did I change my mind you decide o man of dust? I am still me the man with so many questions and still no concrete answers