This may at first seem like an overly simplistic, nonsensical and even a stupid question, so let me explain what I mean folks! With the impeachment hearings underway in the House of representatives, under the chairmanship of the Democratic congressman, Adam Schiff and the stewardship of the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, it would seem to me that this provides the Americans with the perfect opportunity to examine how Donald J. Trump, or a “Trump” could ascend to the White House with such seeming ease. We accept that it helps that he is white, male, rich and a celebrity, because celebrities are part of the core foundational culture of Americans where everything is mythologised and underserving people hero-worshipped and stencilled into the annals of a fictional historical narrative that bestows on them virtual super powers.

This is ably assisted by the movie culture so inimical to the American way of viewing the world, so if you cannot win in real life, you can win in an astutely produced big budget Hollywood production that makes everything right, soothes Americans into believing that all is good and reminds them of their “exceptionalism” and indispensable value to the other 194 countries on the planet. Perhaps we shouldn’t be asking the question how Trump got into the White House, but rather why? How is it possible that a person of such a low moral barometer can achieve this? Are the pathways to the White House and the presidency so predictable that any rich white male can achieve it? The answer would have to be an emphatic yes. But I do think we are ignoring the proverbial “elephant in the room?”  

The influence the corporate elite and the Mandarins who control Wall Street have long ago developed a formula that defines and maps out a definitive passage to political superstardom, this they have perfected post the halcyon days of “Ralph Nader,” perhaps the greatest American activist of the 20th century. They have learned that having an endless supply of money, control over the flow of information and the right advertising strategy is far more important than the moral and ethical appeal of the candidate. They’ve learned to redesign the system in “their own image and likeness,” as in the case of allowing, yes, allowing the appointment of the first African-American President, Barack Hussein Obama, which achieved two things, it killed the American liberal movement and it removed any excuse black people have been harbouring apropos the abilities of their own people to achieve comparable political successes to white people. So in a sense, Trump is a perfectly normal political appointment, as long as he’s made to surround himself with people the military industrial, congressional complex is happy with.

This is right out of the playbook of George W. Bush, and why should they change something that works? White America has always covertly sanctioned the racist belief system that a poor, stupid white person is better than a rich, educated black person. This isn’t a matter of the so-called, “chickens coming home to roost,” but white America getting exactly what they want and consistently believed in. this is the most visceral example of a “self-fulfilling prophecy” for a people that have laboured under the delusional pathology of “anything white is right.” 

And so it is that white America gets to see for the very first time in their racist history, what black people have been seeing all along. Welcome to the confirmation and affirmation of what white supremacy produces off its prodigious production line, a white man that is an internal existential reflection of the soul of white America itself…