Gang members belong to someone:

We can’t be blind and simply put the responsibility at the door of corrupt cops and or indifferent government officials, although they play their part. I grew up on the Cape Flats.

My cousin was part of the Hard livings gang and so I have seen some things and I fear that he, like others may also be a target. But it’s the life he chose so there is nothing much anyone can do except speak out if he or any family member becomes part of a gang. Speak out AGAINST the family member who belongs to a gang.

What I have noticed is that there is a trend in townships within this country for every mother or father to deny that their child or son is part of a gang. So, you have to wonder who belongs to these gangs who rape, murder and sell drugs? Because whenever you ask a parent, the standard answer is; “is sie my kind nie.” “Hy is n goeie kind!” “Hy kyk na sy familie!” Yes, he does with blood money.

Their child is never part of a gang but merely hangs around with gang members or is misunderstood or people are “jealous” of them. Which is a lie!

Gang members are part of our community which means they belong to some family living among us.

But we deny it and so these gangs perpetuate these evils, continue to grow and thrive within these communities, spreading their evil deeds.

The day we can stand up and acknowledge that it is our family is the day they will no longer be able to thrive. 

Stop bailing them out!

Stop covering up for them!

Stop accepting the tainted money they give you.

Save the little ones before they grow up and look at these gang members as their role models.