A Personal Journey:

Struggling through the best years of my life.

Becoming a mom is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Everyone tells you that this is the best journey you are ever going to be on but no one ever tells you that sometimes things will not be easy.

You often sit and wonder if you are doing something wrong?

Did my child eat enough today?

Did my child get enough sleep?

Is my child surrounded by enough love and support when I am not around?

So many things go through your mind, because once you become a parent, you no longer put yourself first.

But how are you able to be the best mom to your little one when you, yourself are struggling?
How do you heal through baby blues and post partum depression when you no longer have the time for yourself anymore?

When you are feeling low, it is as if the world is on your shoulders and you can barely get out of bed to function, but as a parent you get up because your children need you.

No one tells you about how to get past feeling like that!
There is no book to guide you and the “happiness” you see on social media from the mom’s who seem to have all the answers, only makes you feel completely alone fighting the demons that weigh you down each day.

You are not alone! Many of us are fighting the same demons.

I have been struggling with my demons for 3 years, after giving birth to my daughter.
I felt as if I was slowly drowning and the water consuming me would often come rushing over my head. I never knew what was wrong with me instead a part of me felt guilty for not being happy all the time.

These 3 years have been both the best and the worst years of my life!

Even though I was feeling at the end of my rope, my daughter was the one that pulled me back and made my world alright.
Watching her smile and bring happiness to everyone around her makes me see that I’m doing a good job despite the battles I need to fight.

So some advice from a not so perfect mom with a perfect daughter:

Stop looking at how you are meant to be on social media! Social media is like Hollywood, most of it isn’t real and most people smile for the cameras.