I nearly fainted. I know I swooned at the sound of his voice and I definitely went weak-kneed when he jokingly asked me to marry him.

But I recovered quickly and said, “You name the date and time, and I will be there.”

He looked momentarily taken aback but smiled in that sexy, lopsided way that played havoc with my heart rate.

I was in love, alright I thought I was in love, and if hearts and stars actually popped out of a person’s eyes then there would be so many in mine that my vision would be impaired.

My hands were still sweating, and I kept rubbing it on my jeans in the hope that it would dry.

Suddenly a few of the guys that we are friends with and hang out with when we sing or hang out wanted to go to another friend, Peter’s place; where we always have get-togethers.

“We won the match today, so let’s celebrate,” Jason smiled.

If thoughts that you had could get you arrested, I would be in jail by now.

I don’t recall how we got to Peter’s place. All I know is that we were in his “man cave.” My eyes immediately went to where Jason was sitting. He looked at me, patted the seat next to him and motioned to me to have a seat there. 

I looked around for my friend, and she was standing, holding hands with Mark, the guy she was crushing on. I went over and pulled her away and asked her to accompany me to the toilet. Naturally, she was reluctant, and I held her hand just in case she felt like going back to Mark.

“What am I going to do,” I wailed to her as we reached the toilet.

“Do?… What?” she confusingly asked.

“What am I going to do if he wants to kiss me,” I asked her.

“Kiss him back,” she responded dryly.


Confession time again!

“I have never been kissed,” I confess.

“What if I make a total fool of myself?”

“What if he laughs at me or finds kissing me disgusting?”


“Whoa,” she interrupts before I carried on.

“Calm down, breathe, and I am sure it will be fine,” she maintains.

“Fine, how can it be fine when I don’t know what to do?” I plead to her.

She sighs and grabs my arm, “You kiss your mom or, other family members don’t you?”

“It’s not the same, and you know it,” I laugh.

“The only difference is that you open your mouth like this,” she says as she demonstrates it to me.

“Like this,” I continue, mimicking her actions.

I feel like a clown with my lips puckered, and my heart is beating fast just at the thought of him kissing me. Besides, I was told I had fat lips, so why am I even assuming he wants to kiss me?

My pep talk to myself earlier on hasn’t worked; I am petrified of making a fool of myself.

“Can we go inside now; I am missing Mark,” she pleads.

She walks ahead of me, and I slow down and pull her back and breathe on her face.

“What are you doing?” she whispers in shocked tones.

“Please check if my breath smells,” I plead by her.

What if I have bad breath and he is put off by the smell? Where is gum when you need it?

We enter the room again, and I immediately feel Jason’s eyes on me across the room.



He smiles at me, and I walk towards him and sit down next to him with my hands on my lap.

I take the glass of water that my friend brings me and am grateful my hands are now occupied.

“You guys can sing the chorus,” Peter says as he grabs his guitar and starts strumming. I hear the chords to a song we have sung countless times and hope he isn’t going to ask me to sing it.

“Thesna, here we go,” Peter interrupts my thoughts as he plays the guitar.

Well, I guess that was too much to hope for. 

I start singing, nervously clutching the glass of water, praying that I sound like Sade and that I remember the words.

Very soon I am immersed in the song, and momentarily forget that the “love of my life” is next to me, and my friends are watching.

So oblivious am I, that it feels as if I was awakened by the applause, and the whistles when I was done singing.

I am elated and feel I can walk on water; either that or dance the night away like a prima ballerina.

Suddenly I feel lips near my ear, and I am brought to earth with a bang. My heart starts racing a mile a minute, and my mouth is dry.

“That was great, and you deserve a kiss,” he whispers.

I can’t stop the quivers going through my body! I want to respond, but my tongue seems stuck to my palate.

He turns my face gently towards him and looks into my eyes. Oh, Holy Mary, I could drown in this man’s eyes. He cups my face very gently with his hands just like I saw in the movies. His hands are so warm and comforting, and he slowly bends his head towards me and…

To be continued.

Please look out for Part 3 which is the final part next week.