This is the moment; the moment I have been waiting for since I laid eyes on Jason.

I close my eyes and pucker my lips- trying to look alluring and sexy, but probably looks like a fish out of the water, gasping for breath. I feel him lowering his head, and my heart is beating so fast it feels like it’s going to break through my chest.

His lips are soft but firm, and I move mine slightly to get more. It feels exciting as he moves his lips over mine. Oh God, I am marrying this man! He continues giving me these small, insistent kisses against my lips and my body feels weightless; as if I am floating; floating on a bed of clouds like the cherubs in the movies I have seen.

Could this get any better? Could I possibly have a happier moment in my life?

“Open your mouth,” he whispers.

I do, and his tongue slides into my mouth, tasting like gum and sending shivers down my spine. So this is kissing, I think! I never want to stop!

I want to open my eyes to see if he is feeling the same as I am, but my eyelids feel heavy, and I can’t seem to stop the tiny quivers going through my body.

His kiss feels magical, and I feel at once both lightheaded and foggy. I wish we could stay like this and he could keep kissing me until I die.

“Wow,” he says, slowly lifting his head, “you’re such a great kisser.”

My heart soars at the compliment, and I want more of those types of kisses he gave. Suddenly I become aware of the others in the room and the applause that erupts. I blush, hiding my face in his neck. They start chanting my name and my friend, who managed to tear herself away from the boy she likes, comes over and hugs me. “Looks as if you enjoyed that,” she laughs in my ear, “I told you there’s nothing to worry about.”

“I think I am in love,” I breathlessly said.

“I want to marry him and have his babies,” I tell her.

“No, you don’t it’s just a little crush,” she replies.

The little crush I had lasted for more than a year; with me relentlessly pursuing him while offering to have his babies, to be his girlfriend, to be his wife. Anything, I could do to make him notice me! At 16 years old, I would have walked on broken glass if he had asked me; such was my dedication and “love” for him.

Everyone knew how I felt, including his family. I heard later he has a 2-year-old son and I recall offering not only to adopt and love the little boy but to have more children with him.

He was very gentle and understanding with me and repeatedly told me that I don’t really love him and that I would get over it.

What did he know, I thought.

Finally, after one year and a few days; yes, I was counting, he pulled me aside and said,” I can’t have sex with you; I have a sister not much younger than you. I am older than you, and it would be wrong.” 

No, it wouldn’t I insisted.

He sighed,” I tell you what, look me up again after your 21st birthday, and if you feel the same, then we will give this a chance.”

To be continued:

The final part 4 next week.