You scream it’s your opinion
Louder than the minions
We see on the screen
When you preen

With your chest puffed out
You think your opinion holds clout
But unless it’s an informed one
Or forced down by the barrel of a gun

We all have thoughts that seem right
Opinions that make us want to fight
And compel another to believe
How we perceive

The world and its joys and anguish
While we languish
In ignorance neatly presented with fake news
Wanting people who we think of as less to pay their dues

To a select few who think being educated
Means you know all, with egos overrated
They scream and opine
Never stopping to draw the line

Between what they have been taught and know
Boasting and putting their intelligence on show

Banning abortions and taking away the rights
Of people who have fought with all their might
For freedom and equality
Mixing it up with sin and morality

And saying Trans people are bad so is being Black
Their opinions are out of whack
Yet they occupy spaces that change legislation
Insisting on the regulation

Of all that doesn’t look or act like them
Who are these old, white men?
That make decisions affecting all people
While some younger ones follow like sheeple.

And don’t care for many who suffer and die
Under oppressive laws that started with racism, sexism, and lies
It’s my opinion” you hear them say
Until a mass shooter takes away

Lives of innocent people based on laws
That allows them to carry more
Guns than they’re able to hold
Being bold

Because the law protects them and their rights
This they bellow with all their might
“It’s my opinion so let me be.”
“My opinion trumps your truth don’t you see?”