Is there such a thing as true justice? 

Or do we have to go time and again to the same drawing board?

How many of us out there have questioned this justice system? 

Does our justice system only work for the elite, and not the poor or homeless?

Are their cries in vain, or do they have to shake the justice system to its core? It’s like when that little boy cried wolf, but no one listened.

Do those who commit the vilest crimes against humanity just get a pat on the back and nothing else? 

Where is the justice in that? 

Why should their innocent blood cry to the eternal heavens for no reason? They have already paid the highest price, why punish them more?

Do the halls of justice have any pity on them, or they have to look for a “modern-day Messiah” to deliver them?

It is like tying a noose around their necks- one hard pull from them, and they also become history like the sands of Mother Nature.

How long must they wait in vain for this deliverance?  

Many innocent people languish in overcrowded prisons, and the guilty are still running free. 

When will the day dawn or the sunrise for them? 

What kind of country do we live in? 

The justice system is meant for everyone, so why isn’t it?

Makes one sit down and think, don’t you agree?

Is our justice system so unfair?

I think the justice system needs a good overall.

I live in hope for that day to come.