Is what I hear when I walk

When it feels as if I am being stalked!

You-people have no manners.”

Screamed at me louder than words on banners!

You-people play your music too loud

And walk too proud

When your head should be bent

Wasn’t that what Apartheid meant?”

When You-People move, you make a mess.”

Stop calling me that or confess.

That you’re ruled by racism

Taking a page from fascism

In thinking you’re better cause you’re white

Ain’t that, right?

You long for the years where you ruled.


Into believing you were great

Filled with hate

For people who look like me

Why can’t you let me be?

You-people don’t walk away

Or I will sway

You-people with violence

Demanding silence and compliance.

You-people are lazy and no good!

Always begging us for food.”

“When all You-people need to do is get a job.”

A job? I have a job, but you rob

Me and others by paying low wages

Expecting loyalty, not rages.

“But You-people must be grateful

Not hateful

Because a half a loaf is better than none

If you’re not prepared to work, I’ll find another one.”

“Of You -people because you have kids you can’t afford

Good Lord,

Can’t You-people be like us?

Now get away from me before I cuss.”

“I worked hard for all of this.”

What? Wait a minute, Miss

Karen your forefathers stole!


Countries and continents where my people were content

And spent

Their days in the sun living off the land

Before they held in their hand

Guns to grab our precious treasures

Using extraordinary measures

To make us believe that we are no good

Designed only for the hood

And when we walk to places you occupy

You cry

“Hey You-People get out, you, don’t belong

This place is ours, but you’re wrong

You can’t own what’s not truly yours

And relegate us to do only chores

With systemic racism to back you

Even if you’re only a few.

And there’s more like me.

So can’t you see?

Calling me You-people when it’s not my name

Is part of the game

Of white supremacy wanting to be in charge

Dismissing me and my humanity at large

By judging me based on the colour of my skin

Including my kin

When you insist on calling me a name that’s not mine

I will continue calling you Karen, even if you say it’s not fine!