This is the latest name of English football’s racism campaign and was due to kick off this weekend in English football’s leagues around the country. This was meant to be the start of something constructive that the English F.A. would be doing to combat racism in football. They didn’t take into account the audacity of these racist people and they would regret that over site because the weekend was marred by racist incidents in English football’s 2nd tier league the EFL Championship.

Now to give a little perspective the Championship has seen 18 million people through its gates this season thus far and while I accept that a vast many people of different races and religions go through those gates and it is impossible to screen everyone coming through I’m just trying to give you an idea of the money involved in football these days.

Football players, pundits and ex-players have differing views on how to deal with this problem in football, some saying they would leave the field and spoil the game for everyone and some saying it would spur them on in the game and try to beat racism by beating said racist’s team. Others like Danny Rose who has been extremely vocal recently have said they can’t wait for their career to end because of racism and to me for a player to not want to do what he loves is extremely worrying. How can we live in a world where pro footballers can’t go to work for fear of being a victim of racist abuse?

What I want to know is where does the buck stop because football is so profitable these days that in my opinion the people at the top see only the opportunity they have right in front of them . The opportunity to stamp racism out of football is one that shouldn’t be sniffed at and one they should embrace even though it will be the hardest fight to win but victory in this fight would go a long way towards helping racism worldwide.

I believe they need to take a stronger stance and begin to ban clubs from playing with fans in the stadium. Now I know this has been done in the past but not on a scale where it affects the club financially. I’m talking about if found guilty banning the club of fan for 10 games and if found guilty again banning the club of fans for even longer until those fans that are racist either don’t come or are ousted by their fellow fans. If they hit these clubs where it hurts most, in their pockets, I don’t see how things could not change in football.

This method would affect everyone involved with the football club because no player wants to play to an empty stadium and also now they would be taking the away fans experience away from them essentially robbing them of supporting their team.

Finally the onus is also on fans currently attending games to not accept this behavior around them. We as fans need to be vocal and stand up for our players on the field and ask those racists to either keep quiet or leave and get the security officials involved if need be. I refuse to believe that the racist people are not outnumbered 10 to 1 at any stadium, so we as fans need to stick together and get these people out of stadiums because they spoiling the beautiful game we all love.