There is so much crime in this country.
It often feels like you are in a war you don’t even know started.

The police seem apathetic and lazy and seem to serve only their own interests. As you read the news there is yet another story of a “top cop” who has been arrested for corruption or has questionable friendships with notorious gang leaders or “crime bosses.”

You’re up in arms because there is no Law and Order. Quite frankly it affects you mentally each time you read another article about crime.

Law and Order isn’t selective though!

Crime knows no colour and crime affects all citizens irrespective of race, gender and age.

“Why can’t we have Law and Order in this third world country?”

“Our justice system has broken down!”

“I’m a law abiding citizen and deserve a justice system that works because I pay my taxes!”

“It’s those fat cats at the top in Government that are corrupt that’s why we have a system that doesn’t work!”

All of the above though somewhat true is rather biased and here’s why:

Law and Order doesn’t apply only to thieves and murderers. It applies to each and every citizen in this country.

“But you obey the laws!” You cry.

So here are my questions to you crying out for Law and Order;

You underpay your domestic worker because she’s “prepared” to work for less or you hire that “wonderful” Malawian gardener who is “reasonable” in what he charges for his services.
Is what you are paying your domestic worker in accordance with the Department of Labours minimum wage?
If it’s not, you are breaking the law or is that different?

You’ve had a wonderful time at the party organized by your friends and now it’s time to go home. You can’t wait to just “pass out” on your bed! Hold on a moment though because you have been drinking alcohol and the amount you’ve been drinking is way over the legal limit. Know that as you get into your car and drive (even if you just live up the road), you are breaking the law!
But that’s different isn’t it?

It’s tax season and time for you to collect all the slips and receipts from your “business” lunches and your petrol slips and you are well aware that some of those slips don’t belong there but you don’t see why it’s wrong cause everyone does it!
So cheating the tax man is legal? Or is that different?

The speed limit reads 60km/h in a suburban street but you’re late and you just want to get home and no, there is no emergency, but there’s also no traffic police around so you drive 80km/h, knowingly breaking the law but no one is there to see it so who cares right?
That’s different isn’t it?

How about parking in a loading zone or in a parking spot designated for people with disabilities even if you’re just “popping” out to the ATM or “won’t be long!”
Those parking bays aren’t meant for you but it’s different isn’t it because your needs are important.
Law and Order isn’t meant for you, the ordinary citizen but for those “vicious” murderers out there.


Law and Order applies to every citizen or person living in this country.
Laws are meant to be upheld by citizens so Order can be established and maintained.

Law and Order isn’t about how urgently you need to pop into the Grocery because you “forgot” to buy milk!

Law and Order isn’t about how to cheat the tax man and it certainly isn’t about hiring “illegals” because you can’t “afford” to pay your staff a decent wage.

Here’s a thought!

How about each of us focus less on what the other person is doing and ensure we maintain law and order?
How about we pay that “pesky” television licence?
How about we don’t buy stolen goods irrespective of how “cheap” it is?

How about pointing less fingers at the other person and learn to uphold the laws we know we are breaking?

If we do this we have every right to judge the next person for breaking the law but until we have honest conversations with ourselves we can’t be prescribing to others about Law and Order!

We need to take the proverbial broom and sweep the “dirt” away from our front door before pointing a finger at how much “dirt” there is in front of our neighbours door.