You betrayed their trust and their innocence by your diabolical and perverse mind. They sought justice for your perversion. But time and time again justice evade them. Now they live in a river of shame and filth.

A dark cloud overshadows their innocent lives. They are like prisoners unto themselves. Every day those steel chains choke them that they cannot breathe.

Even that great society has forsaken and abandoned them to the dark shadows of hell where there is no chance of parole.   In their eyes, they are always portrayed as the guilty ones never the other way around.

Because the guilty are always set free. Their silence alone cries to the eternal heavens begging for answers. They are societies discarded ones. Not by choice but by your hands.

Man cannot read your mind or what you are thinking because every day you wear a different mask. Even nature derides them without giving them a second glance. No one wants to believe them some say that they don’t have a case.

Every day you prowl the highways and by-ways of our cities in search of your next prey. And like a true predator, you hunt them down. You even search the global network to satisfy your lust for them.

The way you think is so distorted and so warped that it amazes me. Man cannot get rid of you because you live everywhere you are part of this so-called normal society.

Your soul is tainted by their innocence yet man cannot judge you. It is not their right to judge you.

Even those cold steel bars cannot hold you and that is the sad part. Yes, I am the father of many children. I can only teach them to be wise and vigilant. As for you, I hope one day that true justice will prevail.

Let Children Be  Children