We live in the fast lane – worldwide. 

Whether you want to or not. 

Some try to hide, create paradise out of what you can lay your hands on for your little corner of it. Asking only for sunshine and good rain when it comes!

The fast lane is a tornado though and goes wide and far. 

It rattles and shakes and spews fire and smoke like a black chimney. 

Hissing and slurping everything in on its course.

So, you seek the ever-changing, elusive light of peace at the end of every tunnel.

We create religions out of true revelations and fight over whose god made the world when we only could praise and respect all creation too.

We long for freedom from the memory of all the multitude of sins that have heaped-up over centuries and dare to think we don’t care, but we do. 

Whether you know it or not! 

It is the “not a care in the world” attitude that will eat you like a worm inside out till you are visible for all to see. 

A soul caught in a rib cage.

So much living and it runs faster too and while prolonging life as much as possible – for we are so clever. The human mind a truly impressive force – we will kill our source of living.

Our Primal Culture, Our Earth, Our “Oer”! 


What a mess! 


Let me ponder on the grace abounded to me.

The Garden of Eden birds even singing at night? 

Well fed, clothed and a warm bed with loving arms.

I have the talent to minister music to people with souls so entwined in pain, that only music sets it free – bit by every painful bit. 

So that is what I prefer to do.

Setting birds free!

It’s not your fault, it is not mine either.

We have lost the plot because we never had it.

It was a private script and it was written between good and evil of many nations, creeds and kinds and forces of nature. 

Individual ones too! 

An age-old band of thieves still abiding for run we do with only the best and drive it too – in the fastest lane.

Stop trying to fight it. The universe is ever turning even when we die.

I look at the hills around me and see green and light and waters of peace, but when it comes to people, only the snakes on the hills remain. 

Every little piece a dust they are.

How I could insult snakes so in comparison!

I apologize, but snakes they are.

You can say many things of me, but vindictive would not be one.

I just get very, very angry and then I let you have it too. 

Because you deserved it!

That is just the way it goes.

People provoke each other and know what they do.

So life in the fast lane;

What a charm.

Drink it like the tea you pour, it is all for you and in the meantime, may God bless humanity for there is very little left of it and oh so many humans too.