It has been crazy busy on my side. I released a new song the end of October and had been on the road touring since then.

Not necessarily with the song, but all kinds of shows. I am a cabaret artist and work with different collaborations. It keeps life interesting.

This has been one hell of a year. People I love and loved passed away, the world around us is either burning or flooding and poverty and riches the game of thrones we still play globally.

I see so many things in the news…child labour to keep countries in electricity, human trafficking and horrible corruption. One would think the world is set-up for failure and of course in South Africa we don’t need the news to know and see poverty and despair. It is written in blood all around us. 

In fact, in South Africa we run between better communication to horrible misunderstanding and in the end you wonder who the parties are that benefit.

We were set on a track to share the riches of our country, to help people up around us and in many ways we do. Yet greed has no colour only attitude and it seems to prevail wherever you look in this world.

What can I do?

I was born with a delicate soul and privileges and thus I have shared my song(s) as far and wide as possible even when at times I had to do so alone. For only a handful of people listening. You can know I was on that Karoo koppie (hill) in the morning and tonight by the coast because I have walked the walk and sung the song all over.

In this year I served my first of three years for the WCCC – Western Cape Cultural Commission. It is a humbling experience and good to see effort on so many levels to help us love and support our fellow South Africans as we do ourselves.

Indeed – all is not lost! There will always be hope!

Pierce the airwaves, lift my countenance! The fair digest even when it is hard to do, and life is meant to be good.

Let it be so! Today!