Strange life’s eternal mirror can show us what kind of person we have become. Because a mirror has two sides, just like a coin.

The front glass shows us the physical beauty of ourselves and what the world sees, but the back shows a different side of us.

The side that man should be wary of as it shows the “true” side of you. The bitter, judgemental, and self-righteous side of you! 

The side that you don’t want the world to see. Where you are constantly wearing that invisible facial pretentious mask.

Where you always seek the praises of man. You want “man” to admire your good deeds but deep down, what is that when you keep pointing fingers at others but not at yourself?

If you are perfect, then, by all means, cast that first stone or rock. No man is perfect, even if they think so in their mind.

First, sweep in front of your door before you using that heavy broom and sweep in front of another person’s door.

In truth, we all have our faults. We are only human we were not born with supernatural or Godlike powers.

I am a sinner, and as long as I travel the earth, I will remain one. No matter how many times I ask for pardon.

I am not there to judge you or cast that first stone at you. I am merely trying my utmost to live a so-called “normal” life.

Ask yourself, what kind of person are you?