We are conceived deep in the bowels of our mother’s warm womb. For nine solid months, we are formed in that safe place.

Our mothers, anxiously waiting for our arrival.

That is the truth, the tiny journey that you are going through. Sometimes it might not be comfortable, but unfortunately, we all have to undertake it.

Then that day arrives when you eventually grace this Earth we call home.

Some of us come out quietly, and some of us come out screaming at the top of our lungs.

Our parents are the first people to nurture us and tell us the difference between right and wrong.

As time goes by, we learn from most people that we come into contact with. But the question arises, what is the ultimate life journey.

So we grapple with ourselves in finding that elusive answer. That keeps us awake for most parts of our earthly journey.

Some of us never find that answer at all, and some of us do. If your journey is to do good, then do it. And so your journey will continue until you find it. 

Give you a bit more time but trust your beautiful journey you will find somewhere along life’s endless dusty roads.

Mankind’s journey is not all to be that saint or visionary, but just keep on searching those vasts horizons.

Don’t despair or judge others because we are far from perfect. Don’t be too quick to cast that first stone. You will be surprised it might just come back to you. 

In closing, enjoy life’s journey and no matter where life leads you to embrace it with your whole heart and soul.