Load shedding a blessing in disguise? The load shedding made me realise that l use my phone too much to write my articles and thoughts. When my battery died, l was forced to do something that I have been postponing for a very long time. I decided to finish editing my book on addiction on my laptop, using the battery of the laptop. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, so in a strange and uncanny way, the load shedding was a blessing in disguise for me.

I realised we should structure our activities around load shedding because complaining only leaves us miserable and doesn’t help the situation at all. I am seriously considering changing to gas cooking, and investing in an inverter to come off the national grid. One can add solar panels as time goes by and come off the grid completely and even supply electricity to the grid for a fee. This way Eskom’s electricity can be reserved for business and keep the economy going. Eskom can come up with ideas to supply solar power to the township areas. This would be a cheaper option than supplying expensive power for free through illegal connections.

The solar and alternative power industry can create a number of new jobs and reduce our unemployment rates. NUMSA is against the idea of downsizing Eskom’s workforce because they need the workers contributions to support the union bosses’ lavish lifestyles. They don’t care two hoots about the economy of the country. We as citizens must stop them from bullying our government. A smaller Eskom would mean less money for corrupt officials. Eskom can eventually pay off its debt and reduce electricity tariffs to make our country more attractive to foreign investors. Sounds like a plan to me.