T.W. sexual abuse

A novel written by Russian author, Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. It tells the story of a man who becomes obsessed with a 12-year-old little girl and begins a “sexual relationship” with her after becoming her stepfather.

Loosely translated, a paedophile who groomed the mom of this child and after “submitting” to his vile fantasies and continually sexually abusing her, she is then blamed for enticing this man.

The “glamour” of this book has often been the reason, an adult man “blames” a little girl as being the one to “entice” him to do what he would ordinarily not have done. The problem is our society “accepts” those little girls somehow have the sexual knowledge, the seduction skills (they seem to be born with sarcasm intended) to change a man into a predatory monster.

These little girls possess skills that not even their moms have. It would seem though that mothers and aunts have fallen for this violent narrative.

History is fraught with little girls being beaten by their moms for “seducing” their boyfriends or husbands. Little girls are portrayed as evil because their skirt is thigh level, their lips are luscious, and their breasts are sending out silent invitations to be touched by these predators.

Our society is 100% wrong when they view these beautiful girl children on the brink of womanhood being damaged by monsters as being the perpetrators.
Natural curiosity about nudity is twisted into “she asked for it!” And while those men belong in prison, so too does the mother or aunty that places the blame of abuse on the victim.

“She’s mature for her age!”

“She isn’t as innocent as she looks!”

“She’s fast!”

All of the above is meant as a justification for abuse and it’s wrong.

There is NO way a grown-ass man who isn’t interested in little girls from the get-go would be “seduced” by these “dangerous” little girls.
A grown-ass man would explain to the little girl why she should not walk around in her underwear (if she did that)
A grown-ass man would speak to her to find out if she is being abused by someone which will explain her “behaviour.”
A grown-ass man will cover the little girl with a blanket in order to protect her.
A grown-ass man CANNOT be seduced by a “look” in a little girl’s eyes unless he was a predator from the start.

And a grown-ass woman will NEVER accuse her child of any wrongdoing when she discovers the abuse.
A grown-ass woman will NEVER be jealous of a child (biological or not) if the child opens up about the abuse.

Too many women have joined in on this violence to “save” their relationships and marriages.

The only one that needs saving is the little girl who is being blamed for things she often doesn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend.

Lolita exists only as a vile fantasy for predators.

Can we stop believing husbands, boyfriends and so on and start believing our daughters.