Is love blind as mere mortals say it is? Or does love have 20/20 vision? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

I don’t believe in love at first sight; I think that love grows with time. Call me a sceptic if you want to.

Or old fashioned, or maybe I come from another era. Love is not something you can touch, but you can feel it. 

I tasted love in my earthly journey, and it was so amazing. My life was so complete and serene. 

It harbours no form of guilt or self-righteousness. Every day I see this love been displayed in mere mortals.

Love has no form or soul, or does it? Yet it is alive in man, woman and child alike. Through the centuries, man has felt its warmth in his soul.

There is a vast difference between I love you or I am in love with you. There are many forms of love in this world.

But the saddest truth is when love dies, it cannot be resurrected from the burning embers. 

True love only comes once in your earthly life, so when it does, embrace it with open arms.