I am strolling along life’s endless roads and winding avenues. All I see is man’s smiles as I continue walking. 

I have read somewhere that man is born free but always in shackles. I tried so hard to understand it for years I pondered upon those words.  

With time I got that meaning. Those words could mean a lot, especially if we keep on living in that past. Why do we keep on carrying that heavy baggage on our backs?

We never created the past, so why do we dwell in it. Those shackles with time get tighter and tighter around our ankles and hands.

We keep on preaching the wrong gospel? What are we trying to prove to ourselves that is the ultimate question?

In truth, we have become those prisoners past; a past that we cannot and will never forget.

There is no ultimate joy in our earthly life, just unforgiveness and condemnation. We have swung that sword so many times at people, but we never search our own soul to see the wrong we do.  

We have such bitterness and envy in us that not even a priest can forgive us. Imagine for one second if the past was human, we would carry our mighty sword and slay it like the heroes of yesteryear.

In death, we don’t have that kind of peace, because we are still carrying that baggage of the past.

If someone did you wrong forgive him or her with a clean and humble heart. If you owe anyone then pay them and let your side be clean.

As for me, I live for the future, and I don’t look back. Because it is pointless.  The past can’t teach you anything, it will only bring you utter misery. 

So learn from me!