There are three kinds of worlds that I live in. The first one is a world of constant condemnation, envy, greed, power-hungry,  bitterness, jealousy, judgemental, money grabbers, no compassion, no humility, the past, and strife.

It is truly a very dark world where man only caters or thinks about himself and no other person. They are too blinded to see their own faults and weaknesses.

In truth, man was always the first person to cast that judgemental stone as if he or she is better. I have news for him/her cause you got it all wrong, you are no better to trust me.

Then there’s the other world of a bit of compassion and nothing else. These people live in this world as if they own it! They act as if this world owes them something,, but how wrong they are. They think that they have degrees behind them that they are cut above the rest. But what an ignorant way of thinking.

Then you get the world of beauty where you seldom see it in your mind it is just there. No man wants to take it because in their minds it seems so fake, but in reality, it is so real. If only you can just touch it.

In this life, I seldom see this kind of beauty, but when I do, I am absolutely humbled by it. By the people that will give their arm and a leg to do good and helping others no matter who you are or where you come from. They have a heart of pure gold because they want nothing in return for what they do. 

Such people, I take my hat off to because they have such warm and unselfish hearts. Indeed their souls are in the right place!

If only we could walk and learn from them those that have the humblest of hearts and souls.

Lastly, man’s battle is not about another person it’s about the battle raging inside himself. So before we can face the world and see it through different eyes, we must first clear our own minds and repair the damage we did to others. By settling all your credit or your debt, then you can move on with a clean heart and slate.