We ask and ask and say, “Put on your mask.”

You cry violation of your rights.

And unsuccessfully with all your might.

Convince us you can’t breathe.

And that you heave

From a piece of cloth wrapped around your face

Imagine a knee in your neck if you belonged to the wrong race.

Suffocating you until you’re dead

With that being said

You hear about the many that have died.

But you believe Trump and that Fauci lied.

Ignoring the many warnings

That we need to mask up or face more mourning

Of people, we know that died because you were asked.

To stop the spread and wear a mask.

You have the right to live free.

And authorities should just let you be

Free to walk around for the sake of your health

While your wealth

Affords you the ability of private care and isolation

Far from the poorest of the nation

That has no choice but to get to work at places like Walmart.

While you prance around thinking you are so smart

Never being mindful of the next person.

While stats worsen

And infection rates and death remains high.

You cry about a mask as people around you die.

You’re not the one serving in restaurants and shops all-day.

Yet you have to have your say.

“I can’t breathe with a cloth covering my mouth and nose,” you scream!

I guess you’re just mean

Cause only mean people don’t care

About others as they stare.

In horror and fear of possibly dying

While you go about your business lying

To those that have no choice but to assist

You when you walk in and persist

With your devil may care antics.

That quite simply reeks.

Of privilege and egocentricity

As in your world only you deserve pity.

That you’re “dying” being asked to help stop the spread of Covid-19

When wearing a mask sends you in a frenzy and fighting.

With people that haven’t made the rule

Yet, there you go once again acting the fool.

By yelling and crying when you don’t get your way

As if a piece of cloth may

Send you to your grave.

While the country is fighting the second wave

And poor people spent money on buying a mask.

As safeguarding themselves and others was a simple task.

Stay home until the pandemic is done.

Then maybe we will all feel as if we have overcome.

The death toll, rising, playing havoc with our sanity.

While you sob and moan for nothing else but vanity!