Have you seen the videos on social media with toddlers who wreak havoc in the home? Those ones that empty cupboards and throw flour everywhere, and the room looks like a bomb exploded! Have you noticed that when confronted, they immediately cry or run away and hide? As young as they are, they know they did wrong, but we excuse them because they are young because we are trying to teach them to do better. I wanted to talk about the ones that run away as if somehow a fairy godmother will come and clear it up, and the next time they enter the kitchen, it’s magically clean.

I’ve noticed that racists behave the same way a  naughty toddler does- cause chaos- then run away. They will cause mayhem much as they did on Jan 6th at the Capitol (the insurrection). They stormed the Capitol, ultimately wanting freedom as if they were not free. They were brave, loud (as racists are) and violent. After the insurrection, when arresting some of those people, it seemed as if they did nothing more than want to clean or renovate the building. And that’s the problem- it’s the destruction then the “innocence” as if they didn’t know how bad the fallout would be.

The same applies to nasty work colleagues who constantly bully others and then cry the loudest when they are “called out” for doing this.

There are some people in this world who feel that they should not be “held” accountable for their actions regardless of how bad it is. Most of us are taught as children that there are consequences to our actions, so we are mindful as we traverse through life. We try our best to walk through life conscious that we are not the only occupants on this planet.

I often wonder if this kind of behaviour is not due to having a childhood with no boundaries. If children never hear the word no, how do they react when they hear it as grown-ups? And if there are no consequences for bad behaviour, then these types of people will not “react” kindly to having to restrain themselves as adults.

We have to rear our children as if they are part of a commune and teach them to be mindful and accept the consequences of any bad behaviour or when they break the law.

If we all decided not to discipline our children, then there would be no point in having rules. Children could come and go as they please, not attend school, not work, and behave in a way that at best annoys others and, at worst, ends with incarceration.

Mindfulness is about more than saying please and thank you. You need only look around and realize that the lack of it makes for an unpleasant, hostile, racist, patriarchal, sexist, and misogynistic world.

Living life is hard enough with the day-to-day challenges, and we could all do without the stress and nastiness of people who think their wants and needs outweigh others.

There’s a peaceful way of living, which could be discovered by accepting others and being respectful.

Our world needs mindfulness.

Live consciously.