In a world of so much anxiety, stress, not knowing what tomorrow brings, fighting our battles, fighting a pandemic that man cannot grasp, and so on, there is always that silver lining under those dark, eerie clouds. Miracles happen every day of our earthly existence. But, sometimes, we are too blind to see them.

A newborn baby is waiting to grace our lives, beautiful souls working tirelessly to make this world a different place, people falling in love, those angels that are time and time again going that extra mile for us even though we don’t know them.

Telling our parents we love them or our children, waking up in the morning and greeting it with a smile, meeting different people from all walks of life, respecting those that we come across and so on.

Instead of pointing the finger at others. When are we as a human race going to stop doing that?

It is so unnecessary and so unkind!

The bottom line is, we have only one life to live, so instead of criticising and judging others, let us look for the miracles in everyone instead of being angry.

So let us wipe that slate clean and start all over and learn from each other. In truth, I am so tired of hearing about stories where one person did this, and another did that. Stop worrying about what others do! They don’t know you; instead, focus on your happiness and make our world a beautiful place.