It is in the wee hours of the morning the silence is so deafening it can pierce through the toughest concrete wall. 

I am sitting on my veranda deep in thought. 

Mother Nature seems to be sleeping with a layer of thick white and grey mist covering her as if to keep her body warm. 

As if she too is a victim when there is a storm.

It is her unknown wrath I fear the most, 

Her temperamental moody side that she proudly boasts.

Her serenity amazes me but deep down like fingers tapping on my spine, there is a side of her that keeps me in line. 

Often I have seen her two faces; one face is so kind and thoughtful as if she can do no wrong. Her gentleness she portrays at times so strong. She welcomes you without stretched arms as if she means you no harm.

It is her other face that I don’t trust. Because she forces it upon you like a need, a must!

In that moment, don’t even try to mess with her because she will blow you around as if you’re a feather. No matter the weather. 

Yes, I have seen her angry where she spits you out her of her bowels.

She is the ultimate judge, jury and executioner!

And me? I’m afraid, very afraid of her.

If you cross her path and say an unkind word, she will leave devastation and destruction on a scale you have never heard.

She takes prisoners with no regrets or shame. Yes she decides how you survive even if the weather is tame.

There’s no innocence in her eyes but she has knowledge and is oh so wise.

You give so much and often take more. Surprising us as if you’re trying to level the score! 

I call you a thief and a chief because you’re in charge Mother and you make it clear there is no other. 

You wreak your havoc on innocent children and make them pay for our sins. I guess in the end nobody wins.

No man is safe with you because they can’t read your mind. Your judgment at times is so blind.

But I whisper these words because I love to hate you and hate to love you.

My respect for you is tinged with anxiety in case you turn your back on me.  

I have learnt Mother Nature its best to simply let you be.